What We Do

The Caribbean American Heritage Foundation of Texas (CAHFT) was established to exclusively promote public awareness and appreciation for the variety of Caribbean cultures through their customs, music, foods, arts, and other attributes; while highlighting both individual and collective contributions made by people of Caribbean heritage to the diverse and evolving culture of the United States of America. CAHFT, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, partners and collaborate with Caribbean organizations in Texas achieve their goals and objectives.
Empower our youth: organize events to inspire and educate our youth to embrace their rich Caribbean Culture and assist in passing on our rich heritage to our youth.
Organized and/or sponsor cultural events such as storytelling, poetry, dramatic presentations, sporting event exhibitions and picnics for our youth to advance their knowledge of the Caribbean Culture.
Organize and sponsor Cultural events such as sports exhibitions (soccer cricket), Cultural picnics, storytelling, poetry, dramatic presentations of works of the Caribbean by works of artist of Caribbean Heritage, for our youth to continue our efforts to inspire appreciation of our rich Caribbean Culture.

Partner of the Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau to highlight the rich Caribbean culture in their literature and brochures.
Publish CAHFT Magazine profiling Caribbean organization, business and group; the magazine contains a calendar with our upcoming cultural, social, business and athletic events.
Provide scholarships, work with business groups to provide internships and business skills training to our students and young adults.